The Siberian Husky Club of Greater Detroit

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A club devoted to a variety of activities associated with the Siberian Husky.

The Siberian Husky Club of Greater Detroit is dedicated to the Siberian Husky Breed and provides a forum where Siberian enthusiasts can work and show their dogs as well as participate in a variety of fun activities.  The SHCGD is comprised of Siberian Husky owners in Southeastern Michigan and parts of Northern Ohio.  Activities take place throughout Michigan.

Upcoming Activities


Saturday, March 10th and Sunday March 11th


Location: Sportsman’s Dog Training Club Building

1930 Tobsal Court
Warren, MI



Judging Schedule here

Meetings - typically held the second Wednesday of each month at 8:00 p.m. at the American Legion Hall, 2079 12 Mile Road, Berkley, MI.  Often, a special guest talks about a topic of interest to Siberian Husky owners or about dogs and dog related activities in general.

Join us if you own a Siberian Husky or share any of these interests:

For more information on the Siberian Husky Club of Greater Detroit, contact the Club Secretary, Barb Horsey

SHCGD Club Officers:
President:   Al Young 
Vice President:   Richard Haase
Treasurer:   Susan Haase
Secretary:   Barb Horsey
Directors:   Judy Bennett
    Melissa Perez
    Alex Schram
    Chris Schram

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